for Android 2017.01.01 version 1.3.1 on store Change log
for iPhone 2015.08.14 undecided

※ Image is a thing of the Android version in development.

About ChiramiCam

It called the "glance" in the Japanese "ちら見(Chira-mi)".
"Chira-mi" + "Camera" = "ChiramiCam" is this app name.

Wi-Fi (in the same LAN) is dedicated simple WebCam app (video only).
You can see the videos that are shot with Android camera from other smartphone and personal computer.
It will Yes this way for the time being available only with a simple configuration
No advertising, without extra features (such as their site induction), you can use without stress.

How to Use

First of all, try as they move, please try to set only place you need later.
When you start the app, part of ""
(xxx on the screen will be displayed address is that some number).
From other personal computer or smartphone, please try to access the address.

For requests and customized version created, and we will respond individually paid.
The e-mail address that is posted on Google play, please send your request in Japanese.
Depending on the request contents, there are times when costs are also generated in the quote.

About NanoHTTPD

ChiramiCam use NanoHTTPD.