ChiramiCam Change log



I wrote a link of the privacy policy in the "About ChiramiCam".


Performs a test at the time of the first start-up, it displays an error in the case of models that app does not work, you do not use the ChiramiCam.

In view of the visibility, I put a space between the "Autofocus Interval" and sec.


We did a port of the Web server in the selection formula. You can choose from "8080 (initial value)", "8000", "8888".

Flicker If the camera when seen can not be used (the case as is using the camera in another application) has to be in the state where the camera can not be used as the screen.

NanoHTTPD changed from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0.


Fixed a bug that may not start on Android 5.0 or higher.
(It seems part of the "Google Play Licensing service" of the code did not correspond to the Android 5.0 or more)


Add to Setting System "Started at Power ON".

OS2.2 only
It was fixed representation of the "Camera Front" to the "Camera Back".


English version only.
Because had with unnecessary in all link on the top page(hide.html) "target =" _ top "," I have been removed.