Tsukaikirin Lite Change log



We added a Menu for all screen.


It is is not all environment in Japanese. I was fixed tag when share from "#useupdb" to "#tsukaikirin". Setting at the time of development was left as it is.


In the "ItemList" and "UseList" , Fixed an issue where there is a If your program terminates when you click the "Edit" button immediately after switching the "group".


When you select the "Show End" in "UseList" screen , because the character of the leftmost column and right column there is a model that is no longer visible protrude , was to reduce the character.
In "ItemList" screen and the "UseList" screen , was fixed the problem that ends when you click the "Edit" button in the absence of the display target.
The Android requirements, it was changed to "2.3.3 or more" "2.2 or more".


We have to adjust the margins of the "UseList" screen.


It has been moved to "Done & AddUse" button in the "AddItem(Edit)" screen at the top of the screen.
Bug fixes.