Time Stamp R


Situations such as function additional for Android you can see here (External site : Japanese Only).

Time Stamp R(Free)

for Android 2020.08.08 version 1.7.0 on store Change log
for iPhone版 2017.06.08 undecided

※ Image is a thing of the Android version in development.

About Time Stamp R

Free Time Stamp App for Android.
You can record the time stamp on one tap, share it to other applications, and export CSV to the SD card.
No advertising, without extra features (such as their site induction), you can use without stress.



For requests and customized version created, and we will respond individually paid.
The e-mail address that is posted on Google play, please send your request in Japanese.
Depending on the request contents, there are times when costs are also generated in the quote.

About CSV

Save the data in the following directory.
「(SD card)/Android/data/com.noppoland.android.timestampr/files/」

●All of the record

●Daily record
Create a directory named "yyyy-mm".
Save a data named "dd".csv.

●File contents
(Counter name,)serial number,Time Stamp number,Stamp name,datetime,year,month,day,hour,minits,second,state flag and line feed code(selected)
state flag → 0:active,1:delete,2:no count
You can select delimiter on output. "," or "TAB".