Time Stamp R Change log



Bug fix at language of Japanese only.


New function

Added "Do not return to 0 every day" at "Setting" view.

Added "Return to 0 only this stamp" at "DataEdit" view.

Change function

Added row number to "DataEdit" view.


New function

You can choose vibration ON/OFF.

Change function

Posision of "DataClear" menu was changed.

You call "DataEdit" view at long press for "Time Stamp".

On tap view changed "date" to "Stamp name".

You can select delimiter on output. "," or "TAB".


New function

"Left Right margin" setting Added.


Change function

Added "Stamp Name" on "DataEdit" view and "DataList" view.

Added "Stamp Name" in in CSV file and Share data.


New function

"Counter Name" setting Added. If you set "Counter Name", then you get "Counter Name" in CSV file and Share data.

Change function

You can select line feed code on output. "CRLF" or "LF Only" or "CR Only".


New function

DataList screen added. You can edit past data here.

If you operate sound volume at main screen, you can always control tap sound.


New Release.